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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Should I get A Marine Survey?

There are several reasons that anyone from a commercial organization to a private boat owner would need a marine survey before utilizing a boat. Purchasing a boat is often a huge expense, and always a large investment. To make sure that you, the potential boat owner, is getting your worth in the business transaction, you should hire a respected and certified marine surveyor to inspect the condition of the vessel. A survey conducted by a professional, experienced surveyor will eliminate future headaches and will prevent you from agreeing to a business transaction that is not in your favor.

There are several pitfalls to be aware of when you begin to search for a boat. For example, the boat may experience osmosis, electrolytic action, stern gland leaks, ill fitting hatches and ports, weakened keel bolts, and suspect sails and rigging. With a detailed, organized, and knowledgeable marine surveyor, these problems and more can be discovered before exchanging any money. The surveyor can not only detect these problems, but he/she can also detect if the boat has been sunk, if it’s been in a collision, grounded, or if the boat has been poorly repaired.

In addition, insurance carriers and financial institutions will require a survey on a boat purchase as they need to know what value and condition it has been assigned.

How Can I Identify A Qualified Marine Surveyor?

A marine surveyor should subscribe to and uphold the Code of Ethics and Practices. He/she should be prompt, knowledgeable, diligent, unbiased, professional, competent, and objective. The marine surveyor you select should hold membership in a professional organization that oversees, examines, and accredits its members through continuing education and field experience. Such organizations include Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) or National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS).

You, as a prospective buyer of a boat, should have every confidence in the Marine Surveyor you hire.

What Should I Expect From A Marine Survey And The Marine Surveyor?

A marine surveyor’s responsibility is to give his/her client a detailed analysis of the prospective boat being purchased, financed, or insured. That analysis should be presented to the client in a neat, well-defined, comprehensive, typed report dated and signed by the attending surveyor. This report should include, but not be limited to, information on the quantity, condition and operation of the boat and all systems.

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