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Timothy J. Pitts, SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor

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Marine Surveys by Ocean Way Technology, Inc., Timothy J. Pitts, SAMS® AMS®,  East Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA Tim Pitts SAMS® AMS® retired with distinction after twenty-five years service in U. S. Coast Guard, Master Chief Machinery Technician (E-9), last serving as Port Engineer providing technical support services and technical representative for commercial ship and boat repair under command of Naval Engineering Support Unit Boston.

Tim has been surveying full time since 1998 and has had Accredited Marine Surveyor® status with the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, Inc.® since 2002. He provides complete civilian marine survey services for power, sail, and vessels of all types and sizes. Vessel inspections, surveys and appraisals provided for condition/valuation, salvage/damage/repair, insurance, purchase, and sale.

All surveys are based on compliance with Code Federal Regulations (CFR), U. S. Coast Guard requirements, American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Protection Standard for Pleasure and Commercial Motor Craft.

Our Commitment:

Ocean Way Technology, Inc., surveyors and consultants shall provide complete and accurate representation of existing conditions for every client without prejudice or contingencies.

All employees of Ocean Way Technology, Inc., will interface with the commercial and recreational marine community with the utmost regard to loyalty, integrity and professionalism.

Ocean Way Technology, Inc., is a team of marine professionals with the highest standards who possess extensive training in various marine disciplines. By working together as a team Ocean Way Technology, Inc., creates a force stronger than those working individually.

As individuals we are dedicated to the growth and development of each other and the company. Ocean Way Technology, Inc’s, individual and team fulfillment is achieved through honesty and quality service to our clients and mariners.

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